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- Screen from Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

- Schools & public offices

- Exhibitions / fairs

- Sportsbars, cinemas & home cinemas

- Diverse flight simulators and other simulators

- Some of Germanys biggest (DAX) companys and several other companys worlwide - High-end, plastic-based & easy-roll-on projection screen paint. For professional use as well as for home cinemas.


 We offer:

  • Screen paint, mainly for indoor usage and with best projection characteristics
  • Rear projection screen paint for glass and acrylic glass ("Plexiglas"). The projected luminance gets divided onto both sides, producing a projection of nearly 360°. No spray application ( always complicated with opaque coatings) is needed. It is still the only coating worldwide of its kind that can be easily applied with a paint roller.
  • Outdoor screen paint, almost reaching the outstanding characteristics of our screen paint for indoor usage. This coating is extremly long lasting even under hardest conditions.


Our calculator recommends the best screen paint for your combination.


The results of our high reflective screen paint surpass the results from a high-gain metallic silver screen even at frontal viewing positions - and specially at viewing angles away from a frontal position. We avoid negative effects as they are given with surfaces which are letting light to deep inside, e.g. cheap foils, surfaces with added glass particles (road sign effect), common wall paint (up to 8% pure light absorption, moreover negative self-influencing through light spreaded within and foggy reflected out of the depth - similar to the road sign effect, gloss level to high, etc.).



  • Extremly high contrast, intense colours and maximized sharpness
  • No hot spot effect (no mirroring of the projector lamp that appears brighter than the rest)
  • Minimized light penetration, thus minimized diffusion within the surface and minimized light absorption
  • Prevention of hot spots with the most dull gloss grade
  • Compatible with many surfaces even without a primer. If a primer is needed (absoptive surfaces, wood, metal), please use the adviced usual kind of primer mentioned in the instruction that comes with the product or just contact us.
  • Available in grey shades too. In darkened rooms or if a bright projector is used for a small screen, the black/white-balance can improve the contrast using a grey screen. In this case, all colors get impressively more brilliant.
  • Suitable for 3D (common 3D with shutter glasses)
  • Suitable for HD, UHDTV / 4K & Co. since the final surface supports offers a much finer structure than the pixel size generated by the projector.
  • Great customer's opinion for our screen paint at ebay (former sellings till 2014). Click to see.



Depending on the ambient light, the picture size and the brightness of your projector, a white or a grey screen can achieve the best white/black balance, an additional improved contrast and even more brilliant colours. Our calculator provides a customized recommendation:

Please use "." instead of ",":




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