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Welcome to - the international shop from, Germanys supplier for first class plastic-based video projector screen paint.

Our calculator recommends the best screen paint.


  • Extremly high contrast, intense colours and maximised sharpness
  • No hot spots
  • Saves time - 1 coating is enough in most cases (on bright and just lightly water-absorbing ground)
  • 1 liter is enough for up to 7m² (on smooth surface, prepared for moderate or light absorbtion of liquids)
  • Compatible with many surfaces even without a primer. If a primer is needed (absoptive surfaces, wood, metal), please use the adviced usual kind of primer mentioned in the instruction that comes with the product or just contact us.
  • Available in grey shades. In darkened rooms or if a bright projector is used for a small screen, the black/white-balance can improve the contrast using a grey screen. In this case, all colors get impressively more brilliant.
  • Suitable for 3D. (with shutter glasses)
  • Suitable for HD, UHDTV / 4K & Co. since the final surface supports a finer structure than the pixels generated by the projector.
  • Great customers' opinion for our screen paint at ebay. Click to see.

FAQ & Calculator:

Should I use grey screen paint? Which shade is the best for my next screen? Answer: Depending on the ambient light, the picture size and the brightness of your projector, a white or a grey screen can with the best white/black balance achieves an additional improved contrast and even more brilliant colours. Our calculator provides a customized recommendation:

I want to have a black edge. Do you offer therefore anything like "Screen Goo Ultra Black"? Answer: Recommendation: cheap deep black tinting paint. (no concentrate) Every DIY market offers cheap deep black paint, in Germany called RAL 9005. This is the blackest black. Even with a nice name like "ultra black" the paint won't absorb more visible light. A difference between "Screen Goo Ultra Black" and normal full & tinting paint: Screen Goo Ultra Black is much more expensive.

Why should other screen paints be used with one special primer? Answer: For making profit?!? There is just one reason to prepare the surface with primer, when using our first class screen paint: bonding to ground. There is no "perfekt" primer. For most types of plaster a water-based primer is the right solution. The right choice for wood is never a water-based primer, due to ingredients of wood that could produce ugly stains. The right primer for the specific surface is available at your local DIY market for an affordable price. Walls painted with normal wall paint (not latex paint) don't have to be coated with primer.

Why is a topcoat regarded for other screen paints? Answer: The screen paint from already provides a fantastic picture. There is no need to improve it with a topcoat.

Which tools should be used? Answer: A big, fine foam roller. If you want a black edge you will also need: a slim foam roller, adhesive tape, a pencil, a folding metre stick and a water level.

Is it possible to get a black edge that is not frayed on a smooth surface? Answer: Yes. The area designated to be black is marked with a pencil. With a distance of 1-2 mm to the marked lines you apply the adhesive tape so that the marked lines will be coated later on. Problem: In some places black paint could get under the tape. The result would be a frayed edge. Solution: First you coat the edge with the white screen paint. Through this step the adhesive tape gets sealed and the black paint won't get under the tape. This trick is easy and effective.

Most popular products:

Screen Paint, Grey Level 1
Screen Paint Grey Level 1 - from
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Screen Paint, Grey Level 1' order
Screen Paint, Grey Level 2
Screen Paint Grey Level 2 - from
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Screen Paint, Grey Level 2' order
Screen Paint, Grey Level 3
Screen Paint Grey Level 3 - from
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Screen Paint, Grey Level 3' order
Screen Paint, Grey Level 4
Screen Paint Grey Level 4 - from
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Screen Paint, Grey Level 4' order
Outdoor Screen Paint 5l
Outdoor Screen Paint - from
206.90 EUR
1 x 'Outdoor Screen Paint 5l' order
Outdoor Screen Paint 2,5l - White
Outdoor Screen Paint - from - white
104.90 EUR
1 x 'Outdoor Screen Paint 2,5l - White' order
Tinting Concentrate
Mixol Tinting Concentrate for grey screens
2.25 EUR
1 x 'Tinting Concentrate' order
Screen Paint, white
White Screen Paint - from
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Screen Paint, white' order
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